Tuesday, March 28, 2017

World War I Group Notes

Each student will become a "specialist" regarding the questions assigned to you.  Take bulleted notes on the questions with your name in parentheses.  Please note, you may have to look earlier in chapter 33 for some of your answers:

  1. How did new military technologies change the course of war? (Alex)
  2. What prompted the U.S. entry into the war? (Gabby)
  3. What are the internal events taking place in Russia both before and during the war that cause them to leave the conflict early? (Daniel)
  4. How were citizens other than soldiers still engaged in the war effort? (Alex)
  5. To what extent was WWI a Global War? (Gabby)
  6. How did the war affect various countries in terms of the casualty rate? (Daniel)
  7. What were the results of the Paris Peace Conference?  Which countries arguably achieved most of their demands? (Alex)
  8. How did the war’s end impact colonized nations? (Gabby)

Sunday, March 26, 2017

World War I Intro

Based on your understanding of the reading and the first few videos, take bulleted notes on the following:

  • How entangled alliances caused the war to extend beyond the Balkans.
  • How tensions surrounding imperialism helped lead to war (especially after the Germans got involved).
  • How countries outside the two opposing alliances (e.g. Bulgaria, Turkey, Japan, U.S.,) got involved in the conflict.
  • How industrialization affected the course of war.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Imperialism Part I

Based on your understanding of the reading and the videos, take bulleted notes on the following:

  • The various motives of imperialism, including economic, political, and cultural.
  • How various European countries competed for space in Africa, and how the Berlin Conference was an attempt to solve some of the resulting problems.
  • How European rule affected autonomy and politics in non-western nations.